11 Screw Navigators for Power Tools

Screw Navigators for Power Tools

This LIGHT weight, but Heavy Duty Screw Holders (Navigators) for POWER TOOLS were designed to speed up and made much easier driving drywall screws and any other screws into various materials.

The Navigators make inserting screws much easier and quicker and prevent from driving them to deep (especially into soft materials like drywall or wood).

Directions on how to use the Screw Holder-Navigator:

Place Navigator into your Power Drill. Without necessity of holding the navigator insert the screw into the Navigator's head (All what is needed is to push the screw head into the Navigator. Navigator "wings" will open and slide over the head of the screw holding it perfectly aligned with the axis of the drill). The Navigator-Holder accepts the screws with ease and holds them firmly allowing you to work with one hand. All what you need to do is to point the screw held in the drill where it is going to be inserted and activate the drill with your finger.

The screw will be driven into the material smoothly and will stop at the material surface.

The Navigator will not allow to push the screw head into the material too deep (which is especially important when attaching drywall sheets to the framing).

How to Order:

Picture Part Number Description Packing
  SNL-01 Screw Navigators for Power Tools (RED) for Pan&Flat Head's 1-pc.Blister
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