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Bokar International

Bokar International produces and sells an innovative type of SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Rework, Repair and Assembly tools and equipment. Every company manufacturing, servicing, developing or teaching modern electronics uses this type of equipment. Bokar has developed a full line of such equipment and accessories, and is developing several new, more sophisticated models.

The summary of products:

  1. Innovative X-KAR Brand SMT Rework and Assembly Equipment listed by categories on the next two pages.
  2. 2. Zero Charge ESD Protection Equipment and Materials Brand, which offers carefully selected items for cost effective protection of electronics in manufacturing, service and applications environments.
  3. Fume Extraction Products-XTRACTORS Brand

All currently available products can be viewed on www.bokar.com

X-KAR Brand of SMT Rework and Assembly Products is the most recent addition to few worldwide suppliers of this type of equipment. Developed in the last 5 years using most current technologies offers manufacturers of electronics and electronics service companies the best ratio of performance and quality to the price paid for equipment. Bokar's development team is international (USA, Japan and Europe) to satisfy needs of users on all continents. Equipment is assembled and stocked in few locations for expedient and reasonably priced shipping to distributors in various countries.

The most significant features of the equipment are:

End Users

The end users of the equipment are:

  1. All large manufacturing companies and their service centers which produce electronics equipment. Examples: Motorola, Nokia, Erickson, Intel, Dell, Hewlett Packard/Compaq, Lockheed Martin, etc.Contract manufacturers: Flextronix Europe, Jabil, Group Technologies, Elcuteq etc.
  2. All service centers in many countries of any type of electronics equipment (cellular phones, computers, cars electronic modules, audio-video equipment, office equipment etc.
  3. Technical schools (high-school and university level)
  4. Development laboratories involved in any type of electronics
  5. All medium and small companies producing electronics subassemblies by themselves.

Product pricing range

Bokar International pricing is very attractive and offers the best performance/price ratio in the industry.

Total number of products offered by Bokar International under X-KAR and Zero Charge Brands exceeds 1500.

Depending on complexity of the product the prices can range between few USD to 12 000.00 USD.

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Manufacturer is committed to continuing development of new products and improvements to existing products.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.