11 X-1003 Digital, High Power PCB Pre-Heater for Rework of SMT Technology Boards, with very accurate six zone temperature control

X-1003 Digital, High Power PCB Pre-Heater
for Rework of SMT Technology Boards,
with very accurate six zone temperature control

The most advanced and powerful pre-heater for SMT REWORK and REPAIR offering full Process Control, increased rework speed, board protection and operator’s convenience. X-1003 Units are extremely accurate, have user adjustable off-set and unique acceleration mode to speed-up initial warm-up from room temperature. Built-in "K" thermocouple type temperature meter provides on board means for verification of actual rework process temperatures at the point selected by the user. The X-1001 Series Pre-heaters were designed to reduce the workspace required for SMT Rework and Repair. This design emphasizes on the appropriate process control for Rework and Repair. Pre-heater Units are microprocessor controlled to maintain accuracy and to extend heating element life.

X-1003-06 Large Area Pre-Heater with XU-6 Board Holder

Use of pre-heaters provides protection of the boards (and the vias inside them) against sudden thermal shock. Especially Large Boards are difficult to re-work due to deformation caused by thermal stress created by temperature differences between areas of the board. It is impossible to eliminate this deformation, but with proper preheat from the bottom of the board we can significantly minimize this deformation (buckling up or down etc.) X-1003 has six powerful sections which can be activated simultaneously and individually adjusted to provide required heating under section of the PCB above them. For rework of the smaller boards the user can select one section or as many as are required for his size and shape of the PCB. Each of the six sections delivers 600W of power to cover area of 3 1/2 x3 1/2 inches. The unit can be ordered without the board holder or with XU-6, X-KAR board holder especially designed for this unit which allows you to mount 14" (360mm) wide and not limited in length boards (24” long do not require any extra support). Other, optional board holders are available like XU-7 Stainless steel quick change fixture accommodating irregular boards. The above picture of X-1003 shows the unit on the apx. 20" x 20" (50cm x 50cm) steel XKB Base lined-up for long term duty with ESD Rubber no-burn mat. The picture also shows XK Column which can be purchased as a part of XK Tool holder, if the pre-heater is going to be used as a part of the Rework System using Top Heating (Like X-FineRework or similar). Powerful Pre-heater will also allow you to rework high mass boards, which have through hole components like connectors etc. (you must use proper pre-heat temperature which is lower than the maximum allowable value for the plastic from which your connectors are made).

System Features:

  • Microprocessor controlled by powerful firmware which, when up-grated, can be downloaded free of charge from x-kar or bokar websites.
  • High power, large area pre-heat chamber with six independent sections providing uniform heat or as programmed different from each other in six sections
  • ESD safe.
  • Close loop temperature PID control maintaining set temperatures with high accuracy and extending heaters life.
  • Can accommodate optional XK Series tool stands with adjustable Z-Axis control, X-Y movements and rotation. (Note: XKB Base required to mount XK Tool Holder)
  • XU-6 Board Holder (optional) is recommended for proper mounting and support of computer size or larger boards.

System includes:

  • X-1003 Unit
  • XK-TC 26/39 "K" Type Thermocouple
  • System Manual
  • Warranty Card

Available models:

  • X-1003 – Preheater 3.6 KW, Supply Voltage 208-240V.
  • X-1003-06 -- Preheater with integrated XU-6 Board Holder, 3.6 KW, Supply Voltage 208-240V.

Technical Specifications:

Input Voltages 208-240V AC
Power Consumption Max. 3650VA
Weight 20 Ib (9.08 kg.) 22.5Ib (10.2 kg.)
System dimensions 16" x 19" x 4 3/4" (408 x 483 x 120 mm) 16" x 19" x 6.5" (408 x 483 x 165 mm
Packaged weight 24 lbs. (10.9 kg.) 27 Ib (12.2 kg.)
Preheat Temperature measured on a PCB 140-302 °F (60 -150 °C)
Preheat area More than 10 1/4" x 7” (261 x 180mm)
Average PCB preheat time to 150°C Less than 2 min.

Recommended Optional Equipment:

XU-6 PCB Holder for X-1003 Preheater
1. XU-6 PCB Holder especially designed for this pre-heater to well support large boards
2. XKB Base Steel plate lined with ESD Rubber accommodating XK Top tool holders and allowing to use magnetic board supports XBB-2 as shown below to secure irregular shape boards.
  3. XK-xx Top tool holders for use with X-KAR and other manufacturers top hot air rework systems. (If planning to use other than X-KAR Top Hot Air Tool. Please indicate the manufacturer and the model # (e.g. PACE 700 System)

X-1003-06 with XBK Base and XBB-2 Magnetic Board Supports to secure Large Boards
4. XBB-2 Magnetic Board Supports

XU-7 Quick Change Board Fixture, Stainless, For Boards with Positioning holes like Mother Boards etc.

5. XU-7 Quick Change Board Fixture for rework of multiple boards with positioning holes


  • Build for life. Stainless Steel ¼" Base and holding "Fingers"
  • Six "Fingers" to reach holes in large boards in difficult to reach locations
  • Quick change over to the next board in rework of multiple boards of the same kind (important for Computer Mother Board Service Companies and others re-working same kind of boards.
Manufacturer is committed to continuing development of new products and improvements to existing products.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.