11 X-BGA-DP - Dipping Plate System Set

X-BGA-DP - Dipping Plate System Set

X-BGA-DP includes:

  • Dipping Plate System
    Two plates:
    1. X-BGA-DP-18x18x0.15 - Size: 18 x 18 mm, depth: 0.15 mm
    2. X-BGA-DP-20x20x0.25 - Size: 20 x 20 mm, depth: 0.25 mm
  • Micro Squeegee

This set facilitates application of paste flux (or paste) onto the balls under the BGA packages. The plates can be ordered to accommodate different component sizes and ball diameters.

How to use the dipping system:

  1. Apply paste flux into the selected plate (choose size and depth corresponding to your BGA package).
  2. Even the flux with the top edge of the dipping plate.
  3. Place the component into the dipping system. Apply light pressure to make sure that the BGA balls reached the bottom of the system.
  4. Lift the BGA ( using either vacuum system or tweezers ).
  5. The flux paste will be applied evenly (quantity depends on the depth of the plate) to each ball.

Other available plates:

Part Number Size Depth
X-BGA-DP-15x15x0.15 12,5x12,5 mm 0.15 mm
X-BGA-DP-18x18x0.15 18x18 mm 0.15 mm
X-BGA-DP-25x25x0.15 25x25 mm 0.15 mm
X-BGA-DP-15x15x0.25 15x15 mm 0.25 mm
X-BGA-DP-20x20x0.25 20x20 mm 0.25 mm
X-BGA-DP-30x30x0.25 30x30 mm 0.25 mm
X-BGA-DP-20x20x0.40 20x20 mm 0.40 mm
X-BGA-DP-30x30x0.40 30x30 mm 0.40 mm
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