11 ESD Tools

ESD Tools

ESD Tweezers with quick-change Dissipative Tips

ESD Tweezers with quick-change Dissipative Tips
  • Industrial Molded Fiber
  • SDT / Static Dissipative 10E6-10E8 Ohm/sq
  • Antimagnetic
  • No contamination

ESD Plastic Tweezers

The ESD Carbon filled polypropylene tweezers are composed of a glass fiber reinforced polyamide and have 10e7-10e9 ohms resistivity. Used in environments where Static Control is in place.

AM-PT-01 AM-PT-01 - ESD Carbon filled polypropylene Tweezers, extra wide, thin point, length 120mm
AM-PT-03 AM-PT-03 - ESD Carbon filled polypropylene Tweezers, medium fine point, length 120mm
AM-PT-06 AM-PT-06 - ESD Carbon filled polypropylene Tweezers, angled tip, fine point, length 120mm
AM-PT-07 AM-PT-07 - ESD Carbon filled polypropylene Tweezers, special superfine point, length 120mm

ESD Pliers and Cutters

Made from high carbon steel. Accurately machined, these high quality precision tools are designed for fine assembly operations on electronic circuits. Following styles are available with side cutter, flat, round and bent nose, allowing bending setting shaping operations, even in confined areas. Accurate heat treatment provides the necessary performance and durability.
An exceptionally clean smooth cut. Light-weight and easy handle. Particularly finished in consideration of its use in the electronic field and for thousands of finishing cuts of leads.

ESD Tronex Cutters & Pliers

  • Standard Cutters
  • Angulated Cutters
  • Tip Cutters
  • Fine Hard Wire - Class W Cutters
  • Fine Hard Wire - Class T Cutters
  • Other Cutters
  • Pliers


AVP-50 Vacuum Manual Pick-Up Tool

Static Safe, Ergonomic Vacuum Pick-up Tool to handle SMT Components. Most often used when pre-kitting sets of components for assembly in stock rooms and during rework and repair


  • ABB-302 ESD Hard Brush
  • ABB-303 ESD Soft Brush
  • ABB-305 ESD Hard Brush
  • ABB-306 ESD Soft Brush
  • ABB-511 ESD Medium Hardness Brush
  • ABB-512 ESD Hard Brush
  • ABB-20B ESD Soft Brush
  • ABB-30B ESD Soft Brush


  • A-308 Antistatic Extraction/Insertion Tool
  • A-304 Antistatic PLCC Extractor
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