11 BGA Re-Balling and Fluxing Systems
BGA Re-Balling and Fluxing Systems
XURB Universal Re-balling Unit

The XURB-S set has is an independent heating system, a Hot Plate XURB-H matching the re-balling fixture.

This heating method allows for reflow of re-balled IC in approximately 2 min., which is 2 to 3 times faster and better than on any other heating system.

Specifically designed for XURB, the XURB-H unit has temperature controller with closed loop feedback, which guarantees proper heating rate and maximum temperature limit preventing re-balled component damage.

It also includes cooling fan, like no other unit in the industry to speed-up re-balling time and make better quality solder balls.

Re-balling Set allows solder balls to be restored to custom specified BGA or CSP components after residual solder has been removed.
X-BGA-DP Dipping Plate System Set X-BGA-DP
Dipping Plate System Set
This set facilitates application of paste flux (or paste) onto the balls under the BGA packages. The plates can be ordered to accommodate different component sizes and ball diameters.
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