11 Bokar-Tokoma

Bokar-Tokoma Superior Screwdrivers

SSSE Superior Screwdriver Set for Electronics Engineer or Technician SSSM Superior Screwdriver Set for a Mechanic
SSSC Superior Screwdriver Set for Construction Professionals SSSH Superior Screwdriver Set - Ideal for use at Home for all jobs

GiGa FiT Screwdrivers

Capable to Hold Screw without help of your fingers!

Aerobics-W Screwdrivers

Aerobics-2 Screwdrivers


AEROBICS Special Patented Tip Screwdrivers

Special Screwdriver to remove safely damaged screws

Titanium Screwdrivers


GiGa FiT 1/4" Hex Bits


Super Hard 1/4" HEX-Bits


Robertson Super Hard Square Tip/ 1/4" HEX-Bits

Bit Extensions and SMART Locking Heads for Power Tools

Screw Navigators for Power Tools

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.