11 Bottom Side Pre-heaters

Bottom Side Pre-heaters

X-1003 - Large Area Convection Preheater for Motherboards and larger multilayer boards. The best one can find. Has six independently programmable zones, guarantees ever preheat. Very powerful. Each section delivers 600W of power efficiently converted to energy in a stream of hot air warming up the reworked PCB. Suitable and effective in preheating of multilayer boards.
X-1001 - The most advanced and powerful pre-heater for SMT REWORK and REPAIR offering full Process Control, increased rework speed, board protection and operator’s convenience. X-1001 Units are extremely accurate, have user adjustable off-set and unique acceleration mode to speed-up initial warm-up from room temperature.
Built-in "K" thermocouple type temperature meter provides on board means for verification of actual rework process temperatures at the point selected by the user.
X-600 - Middle size Digital Convection PCB Pre-heater


X-2400IR - Four independent zones soft IR Preheater

2.4 kW of power to preheat thick, multilayer boards. Budget solution for the users who cannot have powerful convection pre-heat and do not require extreme accuracy. Robust construction. Made in the USA or Europe under rigid quality control.


X-600IR - Precise, IR Pre-heater for boards up to 6" x 6".

Made in USA or Europe. Will not burn boards. Microprocessor controlled temperature with proprietary offset setting option.

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